We would like to formally welcome you to The Vintner Cru.  
Kris and Darren are wine enthusiasts, who work together in private practice in their medical careers as an anaesthetist and urologist. 
Adelaide has a tiny market for rare and cru wine. We became tired and frustrated with purchasing wine from interstate at high cost, often arriving with limited advice and education.
During unexpected spare time (covid-19) in March 2020, Kris and Darren set up The Vintner Cru to address these shortfalls in the local market, and the crown (corona) in our logo pays homage to this beginning.
The vision;
  • To source rare and cru wines for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • To provide education regarding the wine region, vintage, producer and cellar advice.
  • To provide access to rare and cru wines at fair and reasonable cost.
  • To improve our clients wine experience and journey through education.
Our plan to achieve this;
  • We operate a direct sales licence and avoid the overheads of running a licensed premise.
  • We will send out a feature offer every couple of months to our mailing list of wine enthusiasts.
  • Each feature offer will be focused on a style of wine (eg. Burgundy, Barolo, Champagne), a region or a producer and will provide differing levels of quality (eg. village, premier cru, grand cru).
  • By purchasing premier and grand cru wine in volume as a collective, we will gain access to rare wine, which is otherwise sold by allocation to large wine retailers.
  • In between our feature offers we will provide access to these highly sought after,  tightly allocated wines.
  • We will provide wine buying advice and education regarding the wine we supply.
  • We can assist with specific requests, for example mixed dozen selections.
  • We try not to buy and hold stock prior to making it available to member of the mailing list. However, occasionally we will have a small volume of stock on hand.  These wines will be available for purchase on our website. 
Our terms;
  • There is no minimum order required, unless otherwise specified 
  • For individual requests, once a wine selection has been made, you will be sent a quote, and upon acceptance you will be issued with an invoice. 
  • As soon as payment is received, the order is placed with the distributor
  • Payment can be made via EFT, Credit Card or Apple Pay
  • Please allow 21 days for delivery.

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Darren and Kris
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